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Lincoln has lots to offer visitors, from historic landmarks and the cobbled streets of the Cathedral Quarter, to the bustling city centre and marina which is home to the University of Lincoln. Lincoln fuses old and new to create a vibrant, cultural city. Based in the heart of the city, the University is within walking distance of cafés, high-street stores and popular restaurants and bars dotted throughout the centre.

Brayford Pool, the site of the University of Lincoln’s main campus, has always been an important spot in the city.

As far back as the Iron Age, the Celts are thought to have named the town ‘Lindon’, meaning ‘the pool’, as it was the source of all water, trade and transport in the area.

The Romans, too, chose the city because of its inland marina, building their fortress high up on the hill to protect the pool.

Lincoln became one of the most important Roman, and then Viking, settlements in the country. When the Cathedral was first built in the 11th century, it overtook the Great Pyramids to become the tallest man-made structure in the world.

In 1916 the first ever tanks were designed and built in Lincoln, giving the city the nicknamed ‘Tank Town’. Lincoln was also a centre for the aviation industry with WWI aircraft being produced in the city. Later, the county became known as Bomber County with a large number of RAF bases running on the flat countryside.

Into the 21st century, Lincoln is home to one of the UK’s fastest growing modern universities, is still a world leader in the engineering industry, with almost 2000 years of history past to explore.